Can I take my medication to Turkey?

Can I take my medication to Turkey?….. In short. Yes. You can take your perception medication to Turkey.

Its recommended that you get a letter from your doctor stating you need the medication explaining why you need to take it, the dose (amount) you need along with the original prescription. The letter should be also in Turkish as some customs officer may not speak English.

Can I take my medication to Turkey?

We offer a translate service for £10 where we will provide you a translated document within 4 days. We also offer a rush service which costs £20. You will receive a letter from us within 24 hours of your order.

Provide translated documents to customs is recommend but not required.

We offer quick ‘Prescription and letter’ translation services

Read about our 48 hour Prescription service

Read about our 7 days Prescription service

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If you have a specific question about Taking medications to Turkey fill in the form below. Someone from our team will be in touch shortly.

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