Kadı Kalesi Church – Kadi kalesi

On the Bodrum Peninsula, just north of Turgutreis, Kadi kalesi Church, also known as The Judge's Fortress, is a small, basic, and pleasant coastal resort.


Despite its gloomy name, Kadi kalesi is a surprisingly pleasant tiny town reminiscent of those seen around the Bodrum Peninsula decades ago.

Most of the neighbouring villages have grown into towns (if not cities), but Kadi kalesi Church has retained its small-town charm, with a wysteria-bedecked mosque, old eucalyptus trees, a short and simple main street leading to the beach, and a few stores, café-bars, and restaurants.

The beach is narrow and made up of fine sand and/or gravel, although there is a wooden bathing pier in the town centre that provides greater space.

The town is popular with windsurfs and an activity enjoyed by many.

Several tiny terraces and plazas are furnished with restaurant tables just inland from the beach for pleasant summer sitting and sipping, or evening dinners in the open air.

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