Burdur is a small province in the hinterland of Anatolia known as the "lakes region". Although it lacks the turquoise coast, it is of interest with its natural beauties and historical remains dating as far as 6000 BC. The thermal resorts are also attractive for those who like spas.

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The most appealing feature of Burdur is Insuyu cave, the second largest cave in the world. It is 12 kilometers from Burdur. There are millions of stalactites and stalagmites as well as nine pools in the cave which is 2.150 meters long (but only 597 meters is open to visitors today) and it is good for wandering in little boats. Since the water in the cave is curing diabetes, it is widely visited by diabetics.

For nature lovers and worshippers of swimming and beaches, there are plenty of opportunities. The Centik beach is on the side of Lake Burdur, 8 kilometers from the city. Salda Lake is a rarely visited camping area with forested surroundings and a delightful beach, a must-see. For fishing, Golhisar Lake is excellent. All of these lakes provide a rare beauty of nature and the fauna around them.

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Sagalassos at Aglasun town, 37 kilometers to Burdur, was the capital of Psydia and has many historical remains like a Roman theatre of 9,000 seat capacity, the fountains, and the tombs from medieval ages. The Hacilar district is another remarkable site for historical remains with statues dating back to Neolithic Age. Kibyra at Golhisar, Cremna at Camlik Bucak, Kumcay and Incirhan are other historical sites within the province. Picnicking, camping, hunting, and fishing are other attractions.


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