Amasya is one of the provinces in Black Sea Region of Turkey which is distinct both with its natural setup and historical values it holds. It was the homeland of the famous geographer Strabo. Located in a narrow cleft of the Yesilirmak (Iris) river, it has a past of 3000 years during which many civilizations left priceless remains of their times.


The ruins of the citadel on the rock face of the cleft shelters 2000-year-old water-channels, 1000-year-old bridges, a mental hospital, an Ottoman Palace and a secret underground passageway. On the rock faces there are impressive rock tombs of the Pontus kings, which contribute very much to the attractiveness of the city. At night, when they are illuminated, the view is unforgettable.

The city also has many historically and architecturally precious buildings; the Ferhat water channel, the 13th century Seljuk Burmali Mosque, the 15th century Yildirim Beyazit Mosque and Complex; the 14th-century Ilhanli Bimarhane Mental Hospital with lovely relieves around its portal, the extraordinary octagonal Kapi Aga Medrese (theological school), the Torumtay Mausoleum and the Gök Medrese. There are traditional Turkish mansions that have been well-preserved showing the best examples of Turkish architecture.

The 19th-century Hazeranlar Mansion has been restored perfectly and now it is of great interest with an art gallery on its first floor and an ethnographical museum on the second. The Archaeological Museum of Amasya has an interesting collection including the mummies of the Ilhanli rulers of Amasya.

Amasya - Hazeranlar Mansions

Hazeranlar Konağı, Amasya, Turkey | Photo by Emre Gencer

As for natural beauty, Amasya is set apart from the rest of Black sea is its tight mountain valley and hides its own secret beauty. Lake Borabay (65 kilometers northeast of Amasya) is a crater lake with an amazing view and fresh air. It is a perfect area for fishing (especially trout), picnicking, and for being alone with nature and doing some sports. Yedikir Dam Lake and Omarca National Park are other excursion sites. Terzikoy spa center and the thermal resort is also worth a visit.

Amasya was also one of the Turkish cities which had the best viewing location for the last total solar eclipse of the 20th century which happened on 11th August 1999. Many visitors came to the city to witness this spectacular event.

Things to see in Amasya

Kral Kaya Mezarları

High up in the mountains carved into the rock of Hasrsena is the royal palace and the tombs of the Pontus. They can be seen during the day or night, the 18 rock tombs have been carved into the limestone.


Amasya is also the home to the Birmarhane a hospital built in the 14th century. The hospital was built during 1308 to 1309 by ilkhanate by Uduz Hatun the wife of Sultan Mehmet Olcaytu. The hospital was built together by the Sultan and his wife.

Amasya Castle

Sometimes referred to as the Harsena Castle as its located on the Harsena mountain. This castle has been attached by the Pontus, Roman, Persian and Byzantine Empires. After each attack, the castle was rebuilt and continued to protect the city until the 18th century when it then lost its strategic importance. Visitors can now view the cisterns, water depots and remains of the Ottoman Hamam.

Hazeranlar Konagı

The well maintained Ottoman Mansions which are some of the best examples of Ottoman architecture in the 19th century. Built by Defterdarı Hasan Talat Efendi in the name of his sister Hazeran Hanım in 1872, the mansion also has a small art gallery and geographical museum.

Sultan II Bayezid Kulliyesi

Sultan II Bayezid complex consists of a mosque, theology school, monument, and fountain, this külliye (Islamic-Ottoman social complex) was constructed in the name of Sultan Bayezid II between 1484-1488. With two beautiful minarets that are covered in colorful stones, the complex also has an old plane tree that is believed to be as old as the külliye itself.

Nearest Airport
Airport Name: Amasya Merzifon Airport
Address: 05300 Merzifon/Amasya, Turkey
Code: MZH
Elevation: 1,785 m
Phone: +90 358 535 10 16

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