Fethiye famous resort is called the "Turquoise Coast" of Turkey. It nestles among hills covered with pine trees in a picturesque bay on the Mediterranean Sea.


Fethiye attractions include the beautiful beaches of Fethiye, Calis and Oludeniz and they are considered to be the best in Turkey and attract tourists from all over the world.

Among the main Fethiye attractions – Lycian stone sarcophaguses (some people call them Fethiye tombs): huge buildings of unusual shape which are hidden deep in the rocks. They can be found both on the coast and in the city.

Tourists are also attracted by the well-preserved monuments of ancient times – Fethiye tombs and one of the famous tomb is the tomb of Amyntas. It is a small temple that is quite unusual because it was not built in the traditional way – it was carved directly into the rock. There is a huge collection of archaeological finds located in the Fethiye Museum which miraculously survived an earthquake in 19th century. There are also fascinating ruins of an ancient theatre that are also well worth viewing.

Another one of the famous Fethiye attractions is a medieval castle located on a hill in the south of Fethiye, and according to legend it was built by the knights of the Order of St. John. Don’t miss the chance to visit street with umbrellas in Fethiye old town as well as Paspatur street where most of Turkish traditional clubs and bars located. By the way the Fethiye umbrella street is located near Fethiye Fish Market which is another great place to visit – you pick the fish at the fish market and it is being cooked in one of the numerous restaurants around.

Fethiye, Turkey green island in the middle of blue sea under blue sky and white clouds during daytime

Fethiye, Turkey | Photo by Ihsan Ulusoy

In the last 15 years the resort town of Fethiye has become a very popular location to visit among the residents of the United Kingdom. The Brits are not only coming here for holidays but also to actively buy property in Fethiye and the surrounding areas. The Fethiye attraction is not only the warm climate and the wonderful Turkish scenery but also the relatively low cost of living in Turkey and the famous local Turkish hospitality. In recent years the number of British residents in Turkey has increased significantly and many of them (about 7,000 people) live in Fethiye for several months of the year and own property. Also more and more residents from Great Britain are coming to Fethiye every year for their holidays to relax and soak up the warm weather and friendly Turkish hospitality.

As a direct result of the increase in British tourists the resort town of Fethiye together with Oludeniz (a small resort town 15 km from Fethiye), the resort was recognized as the best tourist destination in the world in 2007 by the British newspapers “The Times” and “The Guardian”. Current estimates approximate almost 1 million British tourists are visiting  Fethiye region (including Oludeniz and Hisaronu) annually.

Fethiye is primarily a tourist resort with great beaches (Calis and Oludeniz) and fantastic nightlife in Hisaronu. Along with foreign tourists, the Turks themselves travel here for their holidays especially Ramazan and Kurban Bayram, which make Fethiye a fantastic multicultural and multinational experience for all visitors and creates a warm, friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

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